The Peace-a-Thon challenge is open to all citizens from all countries, and participants irrespective of age, profession or education background.


Participants will be provided with problem statements on (not limited to) DNS Abuse, Fighting Cyber Violence, Fighting Cyber Frauds, Fighting the spread of CSAM and Fighting Ransomware. The participants will be required to develop a working solution against any of the problem statements provided.

Competition Phases



During the registration phase, participants will be providing details about themselves along with the proposed solution against the problem statement. Based on the responses received from the participants, the top 50 teams/participants will be selected for the next round.


Shortlisted participants will be provided a window of 15 days to submit a detailed idea of the proposed solution along with a prototype. Top 10 teams will be selected for the Grand Finale based on the responses received.


Grand Finale

During the Grand Finale of this track, a 36-hour window will be provided to the participants to enhance their submitted prototype to be presented to the jury. 20 minutes will be provided to each team/participant during the jury round. Based on the remarks received from the jury and points earned, top three teams will be selected as winners of this track.